About the Artist

Ariel Louk has been known for his heartfelt passion for music through performing and mastering musical tunes through Keyboards. Born in Jerusalem, Israel, Ariel began playing the Keyboard at the tender age of five. Ariel’s’ father, world renowned Hazzan, Rabbi Haim Louk, influenced Ariel’s’ musical propensities. Ariel began performing and singing successfully on stage all over Israel at the age of eighteen at numerous Weddings, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs and other special occasions. He was part of the Diaspora Yeshiva Band for four years and performed with Shlomo Carlebach. Over the next decade or so, his career continued to gain momentum and growth in New York and Los Angeles. For many years now, Ariel has been devoted to the Los Angeles community and has traveled to many different States in the U.S., performing at numerous occasions and events, solo or with a full band. Ariel has been known to mix many different types of music into one. In this C.D. a vast variety of musical tunes were joined together to form a unity and a style of music that can be enjoyed by people with varied musical tastes.

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